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Divorce Lawyer Lyon and Divorce Lawyer France

Expert in Family Law, International Law and Penal Cases, Simon Ulrich and his French lawyer team, can be your lawyer in Divorce in Lyon and everywhere in France.

Ulrich Avocat can help you with your amicable, mutual consent divorce and contentious divorces.

The different divorce procedures in France


In France, in all divorces, lawyer is required.

In divorce by mutual consent (also called divorce without judge or amicable divorce), you need one lawyer per spouse.

The Ulrich Lawyer Firm can be your lawyer in divorce by mutual consent in Lyon and France.

In judicial divorces, it is also mandatory to have a lawyer.

When there is a total agreement between the spouses, divorce without a judge is faster and cheaper.

In case of disagreements either on the custody of the children, the alimony, the compensatory allowance, the division of the goods, it is necessary to solicit the lawyer for a judicial divorce.

Judicial divorce can be ordered for fault, for irretrievable breakdown of the marriage or for acceptance of the principle of the breakdown of marriage

Which law and judge are applicable to international divorce?


The work of the international divorce lawyer is already to determine if you can choose the French judge and wich law are applicable for your divorce.

This is done in accordance with the criteria of international conventions and French law :

– RÈGLEMENT (UE) 2019/1111 DU CONSEIL du 25 juin 2019 BRUXELLES 2 TER

RÈGLEMENT (UE) No 1259/2010 DU CONSEIL du 20 décembre 2010 ROME III

The Ulrich Avocat firm can help you by a physical or telephone appointment to determine the international criteria for your divorce and gives to you a solution

Why choose Ulrich Lawyer for your international divorces ?

The Ulrich Lawyer Firm is an expert in amicable and judicial divorces in Lyon and throughout France.

The Ulrich Lawyer Firm helps its French and international clients with a close approach, great availability and strong expertise.

The Ulrich Lawyer Firm offers support in French, English, Spanish and Portuguese.

You can contact the ulrich lawyer Firm to be your divorce lawyer in Lyon and France by phone (07 71 85 04 68) or by sending him an email :

Ulrich Lawyer can also help you with your separations with children outside marriage in all cases of Family Law.

Do not hesitate to contact Ulrich Avocat to be your divorce lawyer in Paris, your divorce lawyer in Lyon and in the rest of France.

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